Wednesday, June 04, 2014


House Of The Sleeping Beauties - Yasunari Kawabata
Thousand Cranes - Yasunari Kawabata
The Silence Of Animals - John Gray
Makeup To Breakup: My Life In And Out Of Kiss - Peter Criss
The Biology Of Art - Desmond Morris

Retrieval - Barnett & Coloccia (LP)
Gossip Girls - T-ara (CD)
Mare Decendrii - Mamiffer (LP)
Poisoned Soil - House Of Low Culture (CD)

Life's Too Short
My Sassy Girl (2001)


Friday, March 28, 2014


Battle For The Mind - William Sargant
Fear - L. Ron Hubbard
American Scream - Bill Hicks
Soviet Chess 1917-1991 - Andrew Soltis

Silencer - Helm (12")
Museum Of Mankind - Ozo (LP)
Listen To The Buddha - Ozo (LP)
Visibility Is A Trap - Dalhous (12")

Invicta 7
Wreckless Eating


Tuesday, March 18, 2014


The two beautiful new Cut Hands vinyl volumes are out! I've a few copies (can be signed ones too if you'd like) - $60 for both albums (Volume 3 and Volume 4) including free worldwide shipping (PayPal is to the usual

Also the original Afro Noise mix from 2008 is now up at Soundcloud. Where the whole Cut Hands project began. A few of the free 100 downloads they offer still available last time I checked.

Lots of exciting shows coming up and really looking forward to touring the USA with Godflesh next month. Next two shows are unmissable! March 29th 2014, Glasgow School Of Art with Florian Hecker and Konx-om-Pax, and then on April 4th 2014 there's a totally stacked line-up at the Downwards night at Corsica Studios, London.

Thursday, November 07, 2013


The new Damballah 58 vinyls gently and safely landed!
BEB have once again done a fabulous job of making them look and sound so great, that attention to detail really makes such a difference. There's a full preview of the A-side at Soundcloud. I do have a few here for sale (US$20 Europe/US$25 ROW shipping included, PayPal to the usual, and of course if you'd like a signed one please just feel free to ask.

Cut Hands live
November 15th 2013 : Oslo, Norway Bla
November 22nd 2013 : Bristol, UK Arnolfini
November 23rd 2013 : Milan, Italy NUL
February 15th 2014 : Budapest, Hungary Trafó
February 21st 2014 : Helsinki, Finland Muissa Maailmoissa
March 7th 2014 : Adelaide, Australia Unsound Festival
March 29th 2014 : Glasgow, UK Glasgow School Of Art
April 4th 2014 : London, UK Downwards Night
April 10th 2014 : New York, USA Irving PlazaApril 11th 2104 : Philadelphia, USA TLAApril 13th 2014 : Boston, USA RoyaleApril 15th 2014 : Chicago, USA MetroApril 17th 2014 : Seattle, USA NeumosApril 18th 2014 : Portland Hawthorne TheatreApril 20th 2014 : San Francisco DNA LoungeApril 22nd 2014 : Los Angeles Fonda Theatre
April 24th 2014 : Bucharest, Rumania Rokolektiv Festival
May 3rd 2014 : Bradford, UK
May 17th 2014 : Warsaw, Poland Transwizje 5 Festival
May 24th 2014 : Manchester, UK Fat Out Festival

Cut Hands DJ
14th May 2014 : Berlin, Germany Berghain Kantine
30th May 2014 : London, UK

also still available 
Madwoman 12" single ($20 Europe - $25 ROW) last 1st ed. copies
Black Mamba 12" single ($20 Europe - $25 ROW) 4 copies left
Black Mamba CD ($18 Europe - $20 ROW) free exclusive art cards
Afro Noise I CD ($18 Europe - $20 ROW)

Cut Hands t-shirts and original Mimsy DeBlois paintings

Monday, October 07, 2013


Helter-Skelter, 2012 (****)
like the contents of Sweet fashion magazine converted into a disturbing horror film, Japanese photographer-director Mika Ninagawa's eyes-wide-open dazzlingly explicit visual feast of an exquisite idol girl's dark descent to madness

Maniac, 2012 (*)
utterly pointless remake of Joe Spinell's sleaze horror: awkward dialogue, porn quality acting, and horribly self-conscious POV technology

Spring Breakers, 2012 (***)
nice audiovisual aesthetics, girls are great, it all promises so much... and then James fucking Franco appears

The Conjuring, 2013 (*)
the one scary thing about this laughably clichéd Amityville rip-off cum RC propaganda film is its box office success

L'Apollonide, 2011 (*****)
dispassionately dark and beautifully realised anthology of women's life experiences in a 1900s Parisian bordello


Tuesday, October 01, 2013


Tribal Rites - David Diebold
Love Saves The Day - Tim Lawrence
It's Time! - Bruce Buffer

7" 8 trk EP - Russell Haswell (7")
Runaway Sailors, Stay At Home Wives - Tailor Birds (CD)
Joey - Vera (LP)
Ten Anthems For Computer - EVOL (12")

WSOP 2013
TUF 18
 Mouse And Grudge (Dialing In) 


Tuesday, September 10, 2013


new Cut Hands 12" Damballah 58 on Blackest Ever Black
late October 2013 release, preorders now taken

track listing:
A1 - Damballah 58
B1 - Mamba Muntu
B2 - Belladonna Theme
B3 - Immersion

Cut Hands live
September 14th 2013 : Odense, Denmark Phono Festival
September 20th 2013 : Tilburg, Netherlands Incubate Festival
September 21st 2013 : Athens, Greece
September 26th 2013 : Leeds, UK
September 27th 2013 : Brussels, Belgium Bozar/BEB Showcase
October 19th 2013 : Barcelona, Spain LEM Festival
October 25th 2013 : Graz, Austria Elevate Festival
November 22nd 2013 : Bristol, UK

DJ Benetti
September 22nd 2013 : Athens, Greec
October 11th 2013 : Vittorio Veneto, Italy Coda Lunga
October 18th 2013 : Glasgow, UK Nice N Sleazy

more details soon and other shows still to be announced!

also still available 
Madwoman 12" single ($18 Europe - $24 ROW) last 1st ed. copies
Black Mamba 12" single ($18 Europe - $24 ROW) 5 copies left
Black Mamba CD ($18 Europe - $20 ROW) free exclusive art cards
Afro Noise I CD ($18 Europe - $20 ROW)

Cut Hands t-shirts and original Mimsy DeBlois paintings

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Fillmore Discos reviews are back with the recent 7-day series of overlooked rare vintage gems posted from my Twitter (hence their pitifully brief 140-character length). The scores, as always, are no more than a measure of how much I got off on watching them. If you've seen any of these, would love to hear your thoughts too.

Toys Are Not For Children, 1972 (*****)
I love sleazy Pinteresque psychosexual mindfuckery and just like 70s classic The Baby, Toys is amazing

Femina Ridens, 1969 (*****)
gloriously twisted misandrist Italian masterpiece featuring the exquisite Dagmar Lassander, modern cinema can't compare

Road To Salina, 1971 (*****)
eyes wide open mindblowing incest psychodrama, movingly intense performances from Rita Hayworth and Mimsy Farmer

So Sweet, So Dead, 1972 (****)
vintage giallo whose wanton sleaze is matched only by its sartorial elegance and a truly sumptuous soundtrack

Il Caso Mattei, 1972 (*****)
Rosi's fascinating Italian political biopic with an amazing proto-industrial techno soundtrack (yes, in 1972!)

Red Desert, 1964 (*****) 
Antonioni's extraordinary visionary traumatic film about alienation exacts a heavy emotional toll, you must see it

Frustration, 1971 (*****)
elegant erotic often disturbing study of female sexual frustration, daring to go where Polanski's Repulsion wouldn't